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BangkokHotel ZX Shopping Mall
Rating 4.0 (2 reviews)
Main Features
Free Parking
Credit Cards
Swimming Pool
24 Hrs Service
Juice Bar
Free Wi-Fi
Brief Description
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Intro Video
Location Map
Contact Information
94 Dinso Rd+1 (009) 236 985ecata@ecata.templines.orgecata.templines.org
( Rating 4.0 Based on 2 reviews)
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Ameda Hilson
Published 633 days ago

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Ameda Hilson
Published 633 days ago

It was indeed very good and fantastic to dine here and stay. The atmosphere electrifying. Prices was also very reasonable and service was awesome.

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Author Information
Ameda Hilson Member fron last 633 days
5 Canon Rd, CanalView Park, Bangkok 02010, Thailand +1 (009) 236 985 ameda@gmail-example.com
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